There are days in this existence when it is difficult to put something into words. At this moment I think the time has come to disclose what close friends and bandmates had to keep to themselves this year. For this burden I'd like to thank them from the bottom of my heart.

This year in February I was diagnosed an aggressive type of breast cancer.

The entire cancer treatment including chemotherapy and bilateral breast surgery lies now behind me. It seems that I've defeated cancer.

After this destructive therapy I am now reinvigorating myself. I'm fighting my way back to my previous shape and condition.

The sacrifices I had to make for my life are not just mentally and physically laid low, but as seen in the picture - in my hand.

The passion and devotion for music couldn't be taken from me. This very occult art is what I'd like to keep sharing with you in the future.

Thanks and hail for your loyalty.