Merciless Onslaught
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2012 CD Necrovision
Released by: War Anthem Records

1. Aura [mp3]
2. Omnis Immundus Spiritus [Lyrics] [mp3]
3. Primordial Sapphirine Driplets [Lyrics] [mp3]
4. In the Hue of Night [Lyrics] [mp3]
5. Coronated Spheres of Adversity [Lyrics] [mp3]
6. The Eviscerator [Lyrics] [mp3]
7. Fundaments of Seminal Knowledge [Lyrics] [mp3]
8. Upon My Arrival [Lyrics] [mp3]
9. Necrocosmic Vision [Lyrics] [mp3]


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2009 CD Saldorian Spell
Released by: War Anthem Records

1. Saldorian Spell [Lyrics] [mp3]
2. Beneath the Moon Scars Above [Lyrics] [mp3]
3. Kataklysmic Bretherens [Lyrics] [mp3]
4. The Descent to the Last Circle [Lyrics] [mp3]
5. Glance at the Horizon [Lyrics] [mp3]
6. Dispatching the Curse of Uncreation [Lyrics] [mp3]
7. Suitor of Death [Lyrics] [mp3]
8. The Saturnine Chapel [Lyrics] [mp3]

released as DigiPac and regular jewelcase CD version

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2008 CD Evoking A Decade
Released by: self released

1. Ars Moriendi [Lyrics] [mp3]
2. Slaughtercult [Lyrics] [mp3]
3. The Pest Called Humanity [Lyrics] [mp3]
4. Saldor [Lyrics] [mp3]
5. Centuries of Mine [Lyrics] [mp3]

This MediaBook includes 2 mCDs with the original
and rerecorded tracks of the first chapter.


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2006 CD Hora Nocturna
Released by: self released

1. Das All-Eine [Lyrics] [mp3]
2. Tempestous Sermonizers of forthcoming Death [Lyrics] [mp3]
3. Bearer of Blackest Might [Lyrics] [mp3]
4. Unearthing Cosmic Decay [Lyrics] [mp3]
5. Hora Nocturna [Lyrics] [mp3]
6. Malignant Deathcult [Lyrics] [mp3]
7. Cimonar de Nuit [Lyrics] [mp3]
8. Necromancy [Lyrics] [mp3]


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2004 CD Nocturnal March
Released by: self released

1. Wicher Za Gorami [Lyrics] [mp3]
2. Chronicler of Chaos [Lyrics] [mp3]
3. Spectral Runlets of Tulwod [Lyrics] [mp3]
4. Scaffold Salvation [Lyrics] [mp3]
5. Whispers of Arcane Cimonar [Lyrics] [mp3]
6. The Dead Hate the Living [Lyrics] [mp3]
7. Through Rotting Stench [Lyrics] [mp3]
8. Gathering Upon Saldorian Fields
9. Nocturnal March [Lyrics] [mp3]
11. Of Wolf and Hatred (Gatefold LP only)

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2001 CD Follow the Calls for Battle
Released by: self released

1. Thanatos [Lyrics] [mp3]
2. Hora Ruid [Lyrics] [mp3]
3. Follow the Calls for Battle [Lyrics] [mp3]
4. In the Land of the Mountains of Trees [Lyrics] [mp3]
5. The Resentful Wanderer [Lyrics]
6. Our Glorious Presence [Lyrics] [mp3]
7. Pestilential Deathride [Lyrics] [mp3]
8. Towards Berzenelon [Lyrics] [mp3]


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1999 mCD The Pest Called Humanity
Released by: self released

1. Ars Moriendi [Lyrics] [mp3]
2. The Pest Called Humanity [Lyrics] [mp3]
3. Slaughtercult [Lyrics] [mp3]
4. Saldor [Lyrics] [mp3]
5. Centuries of Mine [Lyrics] [mp3]


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